RobertoNovello brand is an idea of ​​Roberto Novello, present in the gold jewellery market for over 30 years.

The new RobertoNovello project started, thanks to the knowledge and the experience of local craftspeople, with two eyewear’s lines: “pret-à-porter” and “bespoke”.

Roberto Novello

“My activity as a jewellery maker, manufacturer and trader pushed me to look for a pair of prescription glasses that I could feel mine.

I could not find anything in the market that could satisfy my needs: I wanted a unique, contemporary and refined design, a pair of spectacles that I could wear both with an elegant, tailored suit and with a regular pair of denim.

I wanted a product that could fit my way of being.

From that moment I started to think about creating my own collection of jewellery glasses and the meeting with Sabina Stefani, a young eyewear designer, was fatal.

Sabina was able to read my personality and my soul; our collaboration led to the creation of the first RobertoNovello gold collection models.”

Roberto Novello

Roberto Novello is a jewellery maker, manufacturer and trader.
He was born in a family of farming origins and always thought that nature provides everything that is needed. All you have to do is stop and listen.

Gold and diamonds are the finest gifts the nature offers us.

It was an obvious choice to enter the gold industry, as a trader first, and as a producer and designer, after, when he established his own company in the year 2000.

Novello jewels are handmade creations, where fine design meets ancient techniques and knowledge.

His wish to create jewellery glasses for himself, led Roberto into a research that culminated when he met Sabina Stefani. Sabina was able to read Roberto’s soul: this is how the first collection RobertoNovello was born.