RobertoNovello brand is an idea of ​​Roberto Novello, present in the gold jewellery market for over 30 years.

The new RobertoNovello project started, thanks to the knowledge and the experience of local craftspeople, with two eyewear’s lines: “pret-à-porter” and “bespoke”.

"Everything began with a need.

Jewel Glasses

The most advanced technologies help us in the pursuit of perfection, but only hours and hours of expert eyes and hands allow us to create glasses in the exclusive colours and finishes of gold that can dress those who know how to choose.


The gold collection models show the progressive production number, our 2410VI factory punch, the 750 thousandth gold purity stamp and the RobertoNovello brand on each pair of jewel glasses; details also available on the Certificate of Guarantee.

Bespoke Jewel Glasses

Made in Italy



Bulinatura, a hand-engraving technique, is nowadays practised by a few old master goldsmiths.

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Excellent craftsmanship

The RobertoNovello jewel glasses is delivered in a precious box containing the Certificate of Guarantee, the cleaning cloth and a velvet case.

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What we will be is the fruit of our past. For this reason, our jewellery glasses dress men and women projected to the future but with solid roots.


Our jewellery eyewear want to be like the ancient art of engraving: carefully preserved, handed down from generation to generation.



Everything began with a need: when I turned fifty, I had to start wearing glasses.

My activity as a jewellery maker, manufacturer and trader pushed me to look for a pair of prescription glasses that I could feel mine.

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