NOVELLO Srl + IVKO GmbH: Distribution agreement announced

An agreement between NOVELLO S.r.l., a business based in Vicenza, which produces 18k gold glasses frames, and IVKO GmbH, the German luxury eyewear company and distributor of luxury eyewear collections HOFFMANN Natural Eyewear and MAYBACH EYEWEAR, has been officially announced this month. The Roberto Novello eyewear collection, a line handmade by skilled goldsmiths in the ‘homeland of Palladio’, the city of Vicenza, will be distributed in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and the United States by IVKO / HOFFMANN Natural Eyewear. The partnership between the CEOs of the companies Roberto Novello and Wolfgang Thelen was signed at the IVKO headquarters in Germany in September and the complete collection from Vicenza was introduced at SILMO.
“It is an honour to have reached an agreement with an important company such as Hoffmann”, – stated the CEO of the Veneto-based business, “it is such a high-level group with whom we share values and research, unconditionally, with the maximum quality.”
The brand Roberto Novello was born in Vicenza in 2019, from the idea of the creative talent, producer and goldsmith expert, Roberto Novello. From the first prototype, created by Novello himself, the project began to take shape and the first collection of golden glasses was born. These frames feature traditional Bulino engraving, a special technique known only to very few skilled ‘master’ goldsmiths. The result is a silk-like surface, giving luminosity, refinement, and lightness to the eyewear.